(Founder; JustinYasuda :Right)

__Let us become an activator to cultivate fine human soul.

__To provide an opportunity on the earth to enjoy exciting meal.

"Goal "
__To create smiles, to create new culture,
____to create happiness of Hanabi employee.

"Hanabi's Consept"

Hanabi pursues ultimate uniqueness that no one else can accomodate in north America. Common items such as Sushi, Donburi, Tempura, and Ramen are not shown on our menu board. Our menu introduces Takoyaki, Okonomiyaki, special Yakisoba, Yakitori, Home-Made Green Tea ice cream, and Takoyaki sandwich which is truly unique. All items are reasonably low priced. Yes, our concept is Japanese "Summer festival." Summer festival always demonstrates "fireworks" as translated in Japanese "Hanabi." This event recalls such memories that we went to the festival with grandfather, or with friends riding bicycle, or with the girlfriend. We are sure that Hanabi's fresh. Takoyaki can make your heart warm. People show beautiful smiles when tasting delicious food. All Hanabi employees wish to witness more of such beautiful smiles.


Not only"Takoyaki"but also other menus.
You can eat Japanese Pizza, Yakisoba, Yakitori&Macha Soft Ice Cream…
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